A report of the doings of Jesus Christ


Greetings and blessings in The Lord Jesus Christ,

We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on what The Lord has been doing with us. On Sunday, March 4, we had the most blessed opportunity to minister at Destiny Church in downtown Spokane, Washington.

This was quite a spectacular move of God, as it began Thursday (March 1) morning when the pastor sent Judy a face book message asking if we were available that Sunday (March 4) to come to minister at his church. We had originally planned to be gone for the weekend to Southern Idaho to watch the Post Falls High School boy’s basketball team in the State Tournament. But a couple of days before we were to drive seven hours down there, I just didn’t feel peace about going, so we stayed home. Then came the call to minister. The pastor said, “I’ve never invited anyone to minister on that short of notice, but The Lord said to call him and ask him.”

Well – PTL – as soon as Judy read me the face book message from him Thursday morning, The Lord instantly gave me a very powerful prophetic message for Destiny Church titled But What Shall the Remnant Do? Destiny is a small church of perhaps less than 25 people. I asked The Lord for a strong Holy Spirit anointing when giving the message and oh, Wow, PTL! I experienced the strongest anointing in a long, long time. I was even moved almost tears two or three times while speaking.

At the conclusion of our ministry, one of the ladies in the meeting walked up behind us and spoke prophetically saying, “This anointing you’ve experienced is the beginning of what God will have you walking in.” That anointing hovered over us 24/7 for an entire week. Such an experience; such a blessing. PTL!

The Lord showed me the Remnant message is a forerunner prophetic word from Him for smaller churches (Smaller? Oh,  perhaps 25 to 100 people in the church) whose pastor and people are desirous to be mightily used by The Lord and ready for His increase on, in and through them. We’re asking The Lord to open many local churches and fellowships to take this message to encourage His people in moving forward in greater measure.

Also, for a bit over a year now, we’ve been part of the core leadership for The Heart of the Father Praise and Worship Gathering here in Post Falls. This is another remnant group, but the praise and worship and anointing is the best around here. There is such a great presence of The Lord every meeting with increase each week. And as I was ministering the prophetic message to Destiny Church this past Sunday, The Lord quickly gave me another remnant message, for our gathering here in Post Falls. I’m excited about that and looking forward to presenting it. PTL!

Judy is presently in the process of preparing for the upcoming North Idaho Aglow Fellowship Retreat to be held at the Coeur d’Alene Inn March 23-24. She’s the North Idaho Area Team President, so she has a lot of responsibility. The speaker is from Grangeville, Idaho and is a powerfully Holy Spirit anointed worship leader, The Lord also showed me that He has marked that weekend at that retreat for a tremendous outpouring of His Holy Spirit, the second installment from the vision He showed me in November 2011. The beginning of that outpouring actually began in November when The Lord used Judy powerfully in installing new leadership at Aglow Lighthouse in Lewiston, Idaho.

We’ve done very little traveling ministry since our lengthy trip to Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin last August, but we haven’t been idle. I’ve been busy writing as The Lord has clearly spoken to me about putting together seven new manuals. The one I’m working on now has to do with the upgrading and enhancing of our praise and worship. Judy is vitally involved in this manual too, doing all the proof reading. The Lord has powerfully anointed her and given her much of His wisdom in her involvement with the manuals. PTL!

Love and Joy in Jesus!

John and Judy


One response to “A report of the doings of Jesus Christ

  1. Chad Kidd

    I received contact info from Don Atkin and Steve Crosby because my family and I are seeking connections with other believers in our area. We don’t currently attend a traditional church, but are more organic/relational. We would love to connect with you and see what God is doing with you. The Praise/worship gathering you mentioned in this article sounded interesting. We also live in Post Falls.

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