Manual: Seeking the Lord More Intimately!



David in the Bible – the great warrior, the great leader, the great musician, the great writer (of at least 70 Psalms), but also the great intimate pursuer and lover of The Lord God, longed for deep and continuous intimate relationship with Him; and expresses his desires in four particular Psalms – 27, 42, 63, and 91. By following David’s example of seeking The Lord, Christians can experience greater depths in their own personal fellowship with Him. The church, born-again Christians (that is, according to Romans 10:9-10) which is The Lord’s bride, is to be a seeker, a pursuer of Him – individually and corporately. One lady testified that she and several friends used our Seeking The Lord Intimately manual in their Bible Study “and the glory cloud of The Lord filled the room where we were having our study.” There’s a second section in this manual titled, The Promises and Benefits From Having Reverential and Worshipful Fear of The Lord.


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